Monday, April 18, 2011

Why, Why, Must One Idea Always Lead to Another??

I find it's often in the doing that ideas start to flow. Is that a problem ??  Yes and no, I'm barely into one project and the floodgates open and ideas start to bombard me......the result,  many many and I mean many multiple projects.

This year has been particularly bad or good (depending on your perspective).....I think the problem increased when I started blogging, just before Christmas.   Hmm, is there some correlation??? The up side...I love when my creative juices are flowing.....the down side, I would really like to finish these projects and that could take a really long time.

The smart thing to do would be, to write these ideas down, as they come, but smart, was never my strong suite.

As I was working on this project......

I suddenly started thinking.....

Here is the back of the block...I like to press my seams open.

The Quilted Block

The back fabric was quilted along with the front.

Back to what I was thinking....what if I make the block much bigger???

I'll get back to you on many ideas racing around my I writing them down, you would think...but no.


  1. I love the block, lots of movement and very scrappy!

  2. OMG just like mind never stops even at my age and even when I am sleeping. Good and bad, but mostly good!

  3. I love the square quilting, and I can't wait to see the giant version!

  4. You are so funny! That happens to me too and sometimes I can't get a good nights sleep!!
    Love the block ~ I like the fabric with the multi colored circles, who is that by?
    Enjoy your day!

  5. I love your creative wanderings, your blocks are so fun to look at!


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