Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Off to Find Some Green....and I don't mean Fabric.

As much as I love Alberta....I took this picture yesterday morning....snow and brown, not a bit of green to be seen any where.


My current quilting project for Lily's Quilts QAL is the only thing I'm going to have trouble leaving behind......sorry kids, did I actually say that out loud??

I'm off to the West Coast to find a little spring, and wouldn't you know it I found a little airport inspiration along the way.

Would you look at the ceiling at the Victoria Airport.

I'm inspired and haven't even stepped out of the airport.....


  1. amazing what you are seeing in the airport. have a safe landing and hope you find some greenery

  2. I love your inspiration photo's!

  3. Seems like when you are making circles or spokes they are everywhere. That ceiling is pretty nice, I always enjoy seeing it.

  4. we had FABULOUS weather here in Seattle today ... hope you run into a little up in Victoria!


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