Monday, April 11, 2011

Fired up the Long Arm

I'm still recovering from my holiday (that doesn't sound quite right, does it) so I didn't get much done in the quilting world last week, but I did manage to fire up the long arm and help fellow Blockhead (Judy) with her quilt.....such lovely colours.

Would you just look at that concentration. It took the thread breaking, multiple times, before we clued into changing the needle. We're just a little slower some days.....remember I'm still in holiday mode.

You can see all is well , her smile says it all!


  1. Welcome back! I've been on a family room re-do makeover vacation this last week and have to get to longarming too!

  2. It's strange how long it takes to get back into sewing after a reasonable break away. I even found myself questioning how much time I spend sewing. Luckily I have recovered and am back to my old self!!!

  3. No worries ;) We all need a stay-cation from the vacations!

  4. i always need a day to recover from vacation and get back in the groove. welcome back!

  5. wow, look at that fabulous studio! All that wool! I am fascinated by these longarm quilters, they seem like magic machines to me (I know very little about them!).


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