Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why Does One Idea Always Lead to Another?

Why does one idea always seem lead to another? I'm minding my own business, still  stripping away like mad, but of course, I have to read the blogs. So I end up having a major attack of  Circle Envy. Seriously, this  quilt by Dan of Piece and Press  is a must see. But I'm in the middle of strip mode...and there you have it. Also one of the major reasons I have so many projects, on the go, at one time.

A little circle envy, a little stripping and some QAYG.


Who knows where this will take me but there are lots of ideas just percolating. It's wonderful to be inspired by one another.


  1. I know what you mean......every time I blog I find at least 5 new things I want to make......I still want to make some blocks like the ones you are working on!

  2. I'm really going to like that!!!

  3. I love watching all these ideas bouncing around and mutating on the inter-web!

  4. Oh me oh myo! That is some good stuff you got going on there. What next? Can't wait to see where this leads you.


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