Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hazards of Multiple Projects

I love the energy, that working on MULTIPLE PROJECTS brings. The ideas, churning in your head, as you bounce from one project to another, but there is a downside or hazardous side, if you will. After a few days or even weeks of this creative whirlwind, you suddenly open your eyes, and a tornado may just as well, have struck your studio. 

Trust me when I say that bringing order to the disorder (that's putting it mildly), of a multiple, project, mess is no small task. 

As you can see there are works in progress everywhere.

Things to finish up.
And stacks of fabrics for the next idea or should I say ideas.

Piles of strips to put a little order to.

But I did it......and the very act of order seems to create a breathing space, just to start the process all over again.


  1. whew. it always feels good to clear out clutter. gives room to think and motivation to hunker down and finish things.

  2. Amen!! I could have written this myself. It is almost like a manic thing and then the down of cleaning up and then the joy of the clean and then the high of creativity. Then there is art vs charity vs antique vs 30's vs original. And, then there is finishing up all the WIP's and the thrill of starting something new. It is a Wonderful Life!!

  3. Love your work. How about a little studio tour now that it's all cleaned up?

  4. Wow ~ I'm so jealous of all that fabric!! The quilts on your long arm are looking great! Oh who am I kidding ~ your whole studio looks great!

  5. Good to see that I am not the only one. It does give one a good feeling to get it all cleaned up. Sorta like sweeping the cobwebs out of your brain. Only to have them creep right back in. You've got some good looking projects in the works. If you need to get rid of them, I'll send you my mailing address. (wink)

  6. How is it that you, up there in Canada, keep reminding me of my favorite California artists? I follow blogs through google reader, so I don't know when you changed your background, but the curvy rainbow stripe reminds me of Barbara Stauffacher Solomon's supergraphics from the 1960s. I'm having trouble finding pics online, but here's something:

    And your studio looks great!

  7. It's fun to see your studio, where the magic happens!

  8. Your studio looks great. Isn't it amazing how a little de-cluttering lifts a load off your shoulders and it feels like a whole new day with endless possibilities?

  9. I have also found that when my sewing room gets too messy, I am unable to motivate myself to sew until I do some de-cluttering. It's always comforting to know that others have the same problems.
    I have a question about the design wall behind your ironing board. It appears to be made of up smaller panels. Can you tell me how it was created?

    1. I know, a little order can go a long way. Regarding the design wall.....I coverd styrofoam like insulation panels with batting, and hung them on the wall. The panels are really inexpensive and take pins really well.


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