Sunday, February 20, 2011

When All Else Fails...Alphabetize Your Quilting Books

Sometimes I just need to clear my many ideas floating around in there. I find it helpful to clear my space.....and if all else fails you can always alphabetize your quilting books.

In all fairness it does help when looking for something.

Some lovely flowers from last night's dinner with friends.....just because.


  1. Always good to have a clear up - I always have a good tidy up of the sewing room at the end of a project - clears the mind!

  2. Great little library you have!
    Enjoy President's Day!

  3. Looks like a sunny day up north!

  4. Ok, so does that mean alphabetize by author(s) or title? Save me the time and tell me what works best.

  5. I like to alphabetize by author....I remember authors much better than individual book titles.

  6. I organize my quilting books by topic, not alphabetically. It makes them easy to find when I want to look at log cabin books or books on appliqué or machine quilting.


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