Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Does Fabric Multiply???

Does fabric multiply, when you leave sit to long? I swear I didn't leave this much sitting around, before I left for Victoria. I usually clean stuff up before I go away, but didn't this time.....I'm sure it reproduced....all on it's own!

Ditto with my books. There are piles like this all over the place. Now a wise woman would clean this up and finish something already in progress...I don't know if wisdom is my strong suit.


  1. LOL!! Yes I heard it does that in the cupboards... kinda like rabbits.. but much much more effective.

  2. Doncha know that breeding season for fabrics begins in January? Lucky you ~ fabric grandchildren. And the books, well, they are just out and about to welcome you home. We are all excited to see what you do with them!

  3. I'll say it again ~ I WANT YOUR STASH!!!!!
    Whatcha working on?

  4. This shouldn't be a problem as long as there are good genes so the fabric that is newly produced is of the kind you like...and why wouldn't it be? it's from the awesome parent material already in your sewing room. If space however becomes a problem I will open a fabric orphanage , a friend's gotta do what a friend's gotta do. Love your work. Ann in Orangeville Ontario

  5. I'll keep that fabric orphanage in mind.

  6. In my house it's coat hangers - I need to come and live at your house where better stuff multiplies.

  7. I am sue it's something wrong, aaaa, right with you. How would you like to visit Romania? Small country, lovely (yeah, right) people...And while you' re here, take some fabrics too. We'll have fun. Oh, and the multiplier too :D :D :D

  8. Oooh I'm with the others... I can take some of your stash off your hands- it's gorgeous! The only thing that breeds in this house is marmite fingers, housework and washing. Hmmm NUP not as exciting lol....


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