Friday, January 21, 2011

Tutorial/QAYG # 2/Prepping and Quilting the Blocks

  • This is what your block should look like if you have followed my Tutorial/QAYG #1/Making the Blocks.
  • Place the block right side down.

  • Place the backing square right side up on the block.
  • Use basting spray (according to directions on the can) to attach the backing. 
  • As you can see I have spread out a garbage bag to protect my table...that's pretty sticky stuff.
  • I find it easiest to spray one half at a time.

  • Make sure the backing is smooth.
  • Turn the block over and if there are some loose edges, as in photo above, give it a little bit of basting spray.

  •  You are now ready to quilt the block. I decrease my stitch length near the edges....because I am picky and don't want things falling apart.
  • Use a walking foot...I'm sewing on a Pfaff in this picture, which has a built in walking foot.
  • You can easily quilt the block any way you like, since you are working with such a small amount of fabric, in comparison to a full sized quilt.
Coming Up:
Squaring Up the Blocks


  1. Hi Marianne~
    does the basting spray make the needle sticky ~
    if so, do you need to change the needle often?

  2. I've never done a quilt as you go. It's fun to watch your process!

  3. About the basting it doesn't gum up the machine or needle. Just make sure you are using the right stuff. Some of the quilting stores sell it...the one I'm using in the tutorial is 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive. I've used other brands as well with no problem.

  4. Seriously ... that little thing that helps you quilt straight based on that last quilt line is supposed to go in upside down like that ... ha ha ha ... I've been using it the other way around!

  5. Thanks! This is a much nicer way to do the backing! I like it...

  6. I see that you do not use a walking foot when you quilt... interesting! I will have to try that. What size thread and needle do you use? stitch length? tension adjustment? etc.?

    I want you to know finding your blog has put some wind back in my sails. I have been quilting for 20 years. I am up to my eyeballs in unquilted tops. I have struggled with free motion quilting. I would pay someone to machine quilt for me, but I have budget issues. So I am very happy to see great looking quilting done on a domestic sewing machine (I have a Bernina 1630 and a Janome gold gem) with the feed dogs up!

  7. Please note...I am sewing on a Pfaff sewing machine which has a built in walking foot.

  8. I can't wait to try this! Can you tell us what thread you used to quilt it?

  9. The thread I'm using here is by Valdani.


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