Monday, January 17, 2011

They Just keep Coming....QAYG Quilts

River Valley Walk 2008

This is sort of a sampler quilt...a number of the blocks were inspired, by a walk I took one beautiful fall day, in Edmonton's magnificent river valley. Some of the other blocks were me, just playing with fabrics and shapes. I decided to put them together in one quilt.

 When I started to join these blocks, I found the overall look to busy, so I added borders to each block, using another QAYG method and then joined the blocks, with the narrow, red lattice strips. I find those border strips, on each block, take the eye away from the lattice strips.

Here is the quilt back, you can see those border strips here as well.

I used a type of QAYG on the striped blocks as well.


  1. You're slowly killing me here :))) I must start making a QAYG quilt. I am planning a scarf first, just to get used to it and use some tiny scraps. Hopefully, by the time you finally tell us how you make the joining I'll go with a big one :D

  2. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! thats all I can say. :)

    You said that you don't hand stitch the joining strips, is that correct? So do you zigzag it, or use a straight stitch?
    Enjoy your day! :)

  3. P.S.
    have you seen this blog site? sewtakeahike
    Penny talks about QAYG.

  4. gosh, those colors are amazing. they glow!

  5. Hi Deb
    Just a quick question...have you received any of my replies to your comments via emai? the email address is set at no reply-comment...and me being the savvy computer expert that I am, has no idea what that means. I have replied to all your wonderful comments and questions...just in case you are wondering.

    1. Sorry if I butted in... but happily I did receive a reply from you! Now to return to your regularly scheduled blog replies... :D

  6. Hi Marianne~
    I have not received any replies from you.
    Are you sending them to - - this is my email address.
    I'm not good with computers either, so I'm not sure what the no reply-comment means. Is it something on my end??? I'll try and check.
    And no wonder I haven't heard back from you :)
    Marianne, thanks so much for your postings and answering all my crazy questions.(or trying to answer them)

  7. Hi Deb, I think it is at your end. You just come up as Anonymous when you comment...the only reason I know your name is Deb is because you sign your comments.

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  9. what is the name of the fabric line that has the dark to lighter shades in it? The purple/rust one above with the striped building makes me think of an observatory, and I could just see a beautiful starry night somehow. I am always drooling when I'm on your page!

  10. Hi Maureen
    That quilt is probably ten years I'm not exactly sure. I am always on the lookout for ombre fabrics and usually find a pretty good selection in my local quilt shop. I just bought a few new ones. One is Ombre by Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. For Moda. The other one is Caryl Bryer Fallert Essentials for Benartex.
    I am quite sure if you just google "Ombre" fabrics you should be able to find a pretty good selection. Hopefully that helps.


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