Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blocks 1-12

 All twelve squares are finally done...not bad since I started last Saturday. I'll be playing around with the layout for awhile, which is fine, since I probably won't be putting them together until after the new year. I just put them up on the board randomly, without any thought for now.
I don't worry about the backs ...they just end how they end up. I did get a little crazy posting and quilting and posting.....It's all so addictive. Just a note for next time, use the same thread for both sides giving more options for the final layout.


  1. I cannot stop looking at these wonderful blocks. And your spiral quilting is to die for. I am gobsmacked. Also, it is nice to meet another fan of Marcia Derse!

  2. Thanks so much. The spiral quilting is quite easy if you are working on individual blocks rather than a full quilt..and yes Marcia Derse's fabric is amazing.

  3. Thanks so much, I take that as quite a compliment after looking at some of his work (I had not heard of him before).


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