Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's Coming Together

It's all starting to come together. Some binding, a hanging sleeve and of course a label and I will actually have a finish. It's been a while!!!


Only black binding will do.....I better wait for day light.

I love figuring out how all the quilted pieces fit together.


I don't want the joins to be obvious.


It's a wide join that is pieced.....rather clever, don't you think!!

The Quilt Back

QAYG quilt backs are usually rather interesting. I don't usually put an awful lot of thought into them.....they sort of just happen. Quilt backs are a great place to play with improv piecing. My main criteria is that the colours work with the front of the quilt.....plus I like using fabric that I bought on sale. I sort of hate to use full price fabric on the back.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

About those Rejections.....Just keep trying

As difficult as the those rejections are....it's all part of the process, if you want to submit your quilts. I have received more "Dear John" emails (as I like to call them) then I thought possible this year. Ouch...yes it hurts a bit, but I'm still standing and still rather confident in my work. So, with a what have I got to loose type of attitude I submitted some more.

Maybe the past dozen or so plus rejections just made the two acceptance emails that arrived to today, just that much sweeter!!!!


Shifting Impressions

I hope this encourages everyone just to keep submitting....without submissions, there would be no quilt shows....wouldn't that be sad.


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