Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's Coming Together

It's all starting to come together. Some binding, a hanging sleeve and of course a label and I will actually have a finish. It's been a while!!!


Only black binding will do.....I better wait for day light.

I love figuring out how all the quilted pieces fit together.


I don't want the joins to be obvious.


It's a wide join that is pieced.....rather clever, don't you think!!

The Quilt Back

QAYG quilt backs are usually rather interesting. I don't usually put an awful lot of thought into them.....they sort of just happen. Quilt backs are a great place to play with improv piecing. My main criteria is that the colours work with the front of the quilt.....plus I like using fabric that I bought on sale. I sort of hate to use full price fabric on the back.



  1. Love the quilt which brings to mind how much I've missed your posts.

  2. We have the same philosophy on quilt back;) The front looks amazing!

  3. It is such fun to see your quilts. Since you QAYG in pieces, how do you make the shapes from one piece go with the shape on the adjoining piece? curious as to how you go thru the design process

    1. Thanks, that's a really good question.....with a really long answer. I seriously leave a lot to chance. Let me think it through and I will try to address this topic in a post.

    2. Thank you Mari. I look forward to reading and learning from that post!

    3. Glad to see you are posting again. I also look forward to your post addressing that question. Do you make more small sections then you need and then choose or eliminate depending on how it works out?

    4. Hi Carol....I usually do make more than I need, but so many of my fabrics work really well together so I end up mixing things into other projects.

      Sorry I haven't gotten to writing that post yet.....I am away from home for a few weeks and hope to get to putting something together for August.

  4. You always inspire!!! Nice to see what you're doing and THAT you're doing :):)

  5. WOW! So much interest...my eyes just keep dancing around all the elements...and I just love your quilted texture!! It is a real beauty.

  6. This is really wonderful to see!

  7. It is so stunning!!! top and back both awesome. Pure art...


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